Why Certus?


We pride ourselves on our commitment to securing investment appetite for our clients. With each engagement, we dedicate our time to fully understanding our client’s business and their capital objectives. We “join the team”.


With our boutique structure, we are able to focus our resources intensively on each fundraising mandate to map out the specifically defined investor landscape and focus on capital alignment.


We maintain relationships with over 90% of investment funds currently deploying Capital into the Sports and Healthcare sectors. We understand the “pulse” of the market and the appetite of our funds.


We will actively approach every suitably aligned sector investor to highlight our client’s story, until a term sheet is secured or there is a strategic shift.


We provide full support throughout the engagement process, delivering insight into market assessment and assisting our clients throughout the origination, due diligence and term sheet stages. We make strategic recommendations to provide each venture with the highest likelihood of success.